SA 13.05 — SU 14.05 2017

Within the framework of Pilot Projects Art by Commission the City of Aalst and Netwerk started a long-term collaboration focusing on the role art can take in the context of urban regeneration. Although the area along the Dender has the potential to be the biggest public space in the city, it is not (yet) accessible. Therefore the development of this area, spreading several kilometers, is the key point in a further transformational process. By founding an art workgroup, both Netwerk Aalst and the City of Aalst aim for an intense collaboration possible artistic strategies within a continuously changing public realm.

The artist collective Observatorium from Rotterdam, investigating the relation between art, landscape and society, was invited to elaborate an artistic project concerning the spacial potential of the banks of the Dender.
Especially for Aalst, Observatorium designed the Dwarsligger (Obstructionist), a floating construction on the water which literally obstructs the river, connecting left and right bank. The artwork serves as a meeting point: a floating laboratory for ‘residence on and at the water’, once across the water also functioning as a base to explore both banks.

The project Dwarsligger, running from 28 April until 14 May 2017, induces several activities at different locations. Netwerk will host various events on 13 and 14 May with free access to the ongoing exhibition Murmur.


group exhibition / concerts
Tim Bruniges / Christoph De Boeck / Luke Fowler / Luca Frei / Francesca Grilli / Amalia Pica / Imogen Stidworthy / Richard T. Walker
SA 08.04 — SU 02.07 2017